tim rodenbröker

Creative coding is a rising disci­pline, inspi­ring and connecting thousands of people world­wide. Open Source soft­ware tools lay the foun­dation for a new gene­ration of artists and designers, using the inter­net to ex­change, learn, teach, share, ex­hibit and connect, regard­less of ethnicity, nation­ality, age, religion or gender. Creative coding reveals completely new oppor­tunities in many ways. And this is just the beginning of the story.

Tim Rodenbröker is driven by the elementary con­cepts of graphic design, creativity-techniques and the potential of computer-programming. After studying com­muni­cation design in Münster and Lis­bon he dis­covered creative coding as a power­ful tool to enter new, unex­plored terri­tories. Beyond syntax, functions and variables he continues to discover infinite possible appli­cations.

+49 170 2898597