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The Bach-Project

Everyone has a favourite song. I found mine around 2011 when i realized that i want to learn to play the piano: The “Prelude in C” (BWV 846) by Johann Sebastian Bach. The first 64 notes entered my mind and didn’t leave at all. What is the chemistry behind that music? Where does its beauty come from? My curiosity was awakened.

I never really learned to read sheet music anyway. as an autodidact i learned playing the piano by repeating what i’ve saved in my auditive memory. But when i saw the sheet music for the first time, i realized that it is enwrought by patterns and mathematical equotations. How would these patterns look like, if i could visualize them? That was the initial question that has persuaded me to begin “The Bach-Project”, an ongoing exploration of visual structures in music.

You can follow its process on instagram and tumblr. The data is open source on Github.

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